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As is well known, harmonious coexistence between humans and nature is a beautiful concept. However, when it comes to true harmony, perhaps we can start by communicating with a group of golden monkeys and a shrewd driver.

One day, several golden monkeys were playing happily in the mountains, and suddenly, they decided to cross the road. These smart little guys already knew that the road was the territory of cars, so they walked to the roadside and stopped, waiting for cars driving in the distance.

At the same time, a shrewd driver drove the vehicle slowly approaching. The driver was not blindly rushing to drive. He stared ahead and discovered this group of cute golden monkeys. At this moment, the driver had a plan, why not give these little guys a courtesy?

So the driver took the initiative to slow down, no longer speeding past, but slowly driving towards the monkeys. At this moment, the golden monkeys also showed extraordinary understanding and stopped patiently waiting for the car to pass.

This can't help but remind people of the ancient proverb: All things have souls,mountains传奇私服辅助, rivers have emotions.; This scene is like a carefully arranged symphony, with the driver's vehicle like a baton, and the golden monkeys are jumping notes in the music, playing a harmonious song of life together.

What is even more touching is that when the driver found out that the golden monkeys were really crossing the road, he even stopped completely and watched from a distance. This is not a one-way comity, but a dialogue between lives that understand and respect each other.